Anonymous praised the cool you: U sure ur alive and drawing?

((yes. Consider this blog on haitus until like January when I graduate. Sorry friends. Also catching up on fourish months of silence and inbox spam, ya’ll…ya’ll have some issues, my pretties.)

The APH Anon Meme is now on Dreamwidth!



Do you like Hetalia? Discussions? Roleplaying? The cool, awesome, and sometimes really weird things that are posted on this blog?

The APH Anon Meme has made its official move from Livejournal to Dreamwidth, a magical website where you can actually view new comments without having to be logged in, where there aren’t constant errors, and where you don’t live in constant fear of comments being eaten by a terrifying goat!

APH Anon Meme… on Dreamwidth!

WE’RE LOOKING FOR RPERS!!! And we’re in general, a really active little commmunity for people who are looking for a place to discuss and make friends! It’s really easy to rp on Dreamwidth, so come, make an account, and check us out!

Anonymous praised the cool you: So I was looking back at your previous responses and came across how Hima went and colored Prussia differently. How would you describe his hair and eye color in fan fiction? Just wondering for future reference.

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Anonymous praised the cool you: You'll be updating this blog soon? ;_;

((I’m gonna try tonight.I’ve been feeling kinda down and out of sorts this week, sorry guys!!))


reminder this existsss

rebloggale here too, uou

Which gets me thinking such sexiness should be shared with the damn world, shouldn’t it?!! Who the hell should I surprise with a prickly kiss today?

C’mon kids, ask the unhappily bored me interesting stuff on this spoiled little princess!!

I’ll gladly reveal to you all of his deepest, darkest secrets!!

Ah, Ah, Pretty damn proud actually!! You two lovebirds have fun, kesesesese!!!

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If you are over the age of 18 and participate in online roleplay, then you are eligible to be part of a new research study focusing on roleplayers.

I am a graduate student at Alliant International University in San Francisco and a longtime RPer. For my dissertation, I am conducting a research study that looks at the online social interactions of people who engage in roleplaying games.  If you are interested in being part of this study, please click the following link to read more about the study and complete the survey:

Participation is anonymous and completely confidential.

Hi guys! I’d appreciate if you could take a second or two out of your day to help my good friend out!! Thanks!